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Circuit Diagram

Gas soldering iron can be a very good alternative of an electrical soldering iron. A gas soldering iron is necessary in a place where the there is no electricity or you can not plug in your electrical soldering iron.
Gas soldering iron...

gas soldering iron Gas soldering iron

A very simple economy high brightness led flashlight circuit can be made using a simple AC-DC converter from some other unused device like an mobile phone, and some common resistors and high brightness leds.
This high brightness led...

economy high brightness led flashlight circuit diagram
 high brightness led flashlight pcb
led 1210 smd warm white
warm white high brightness led parameters
Economy high brightness led flashlight circuit

Using LT3980 manufactured by Linear Technology can be designed a very simple 5 volts dc converter circuit.
The LT3980 has an adjustable frequency from 100kHz to 2.4MHz and accepts input voltages up to 58V . The transient voltage of the...

LT3980 5V 2A dc converter circuit LT3980 5V 2A dc converter circuit

Using LTM8031 integrated circuit, manufactured by linear technology, can be designed a very simple high efficiency dc dc converter circuit.
This LMT8031 dc voltage converter circuit will provide a 5 volts output from a wide input voltage...

LTM8031 5v dc converter circuit LTM8031 5v dc converter circuit

This 2 channels audio mixer is based on the 2n3904 transistors which forms 2 preamplifiers. The first preamplifier of the audio mixer has a high gain and can be used for microphone input, and the second one can be used to control the input of the...

2 channel audio mixer circuit using transistors 2 channel audio mixer circuit using transistors

This Dc power converter circuit is designed LTC3601 from Linear Technology and is capable to up to 1.5A output current at a 3.3V.
The LTC3601 operating supply voltage range is from 4V to 15V making it suitable for a wide range of power...

3.3V Dc power converter circuit using LTC3601 3.3V Dc power converter using LTC3601

This 5v dc power switching converter is designed using the LT3680 power switching regulator manufactured by Linear Technology.
This 5v switching regulator require an input voltage between 6.3 and 36 volts and will provide a 5 volt fixed...

5v dc power switching converter circuit using LT3680 5v dc power switching converter using LT3680

This 1w audio amplifier circuit is designed using NCP2830 audio IC manufactured by ON Semiconductor.
This audio power amplifier ic designed for portable communication device applications and require few external electronic components....

1W audio amplifier circuit NCP2830 1W audio amplifier circuit using NCP2830

Like in any pcb layout editor or circuit drawing software, in KiCad you need sometime to design new components.
To create a new component in KiCad it’s needed to follow some important steps.
First step for create a new component, is...

Creating component in Kicad