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LM4780 120 watt amplifier circuit diagram

Using LM4780 audio amplifier circuit can be designed a very simple 120 watt amplifier high power stereo amp( 60 watt per channel ) .
This LM4780 120 watt amplifier stereo circuit is capable of typically delivering 60W per channel of continuous average output power into an 8 ohms load with less than 0.5% THD+N from 20Hz - 20kHz.
The LM4780 is fully protected utilizing National's Self Peak Instantaneous Temperature (°Ke) (SPiKeTM) protection circuitry.

SPiKe provides a dynamically optimized Safe Operating Area (SOA). SPiKe protection completely safeguards the IC's outputs against over-voltage, under-voltage, overloads, shorts to the supplies or GND, thermal runaway and instantaneous temperature peaks.
This circuit supports a wide range input voltage from 20 volts up to 84 volts , but the recommended voltage for this circuit are : 25V for RL = 4 ohms ,30V for RL = 6ohms, 35V for 8 ohms .
Very important to know is that for this circuit you’ll need a dual voltage power supply ( for example : if you use a 4 ohms load you will need a +25 and -25 volts power supply).

LM4780 audio amplifier circuit diagram electronic project

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