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TDA2030 200 watt amp low cost audio power amplifier

This TDA2030 200 watt amp low cost audio power amplifier can deliver high output audio power up to 200 watts on a 2 – 4 ohms load impedance . This 200 watt amp high power audio amplifier is build around the TDA2030 audio amplifier IC which normally can deliver up to 14 watts on a 4 ohm load , but if is used in bridge mode an if we use some cheap power transistors can be created a 200 watts high power audio amplifier .
All transistors and the ICs must be mounted on a heatsink to prevent over temperature damage . For small value resistors ( 1 ohm ,2.2 ohms ) use 2 -5 watts resistors .

The design of this audio amplifier circuit is very simple and require few external components .
For better performance you can use a power supply which can deliver more power than 28 volts (+/- 14 volts ) but no more than 44 volts ( +/- 20 volts) .

TDA2030 200 watt amp low cost audio power amplifier circuit diagram

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can we use any other transistor in this circuit except BD250&BD249

I constructed this amplifier circuit with TIP 41C(NPN) & TIP42C (PNP) without changing any of the circuit component and it works perfectly even with the use of mobile phone audio output, it also works with microphone without preamplification circuits. Thanks

hello there. . . Can i use a 6Ω 200W speaker on the amp cct. . . And also would it function wel if i use a stronger power amp transistor such as a1106 and d716, if yes then would that effect any any change on the watts of the amp?

also can the IC be swaped with TDA2050?