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Tone control circuit using LM4562 ic

This tone control circuit is designed using few common components and the LM4562 ultra-low distortion, low noise, high slew rate operational amplifier optimized and fully specified for high performance, high fidelity applications.
The cut frequencies for this tone control circuit are fL =32 Hz, fLB = 320 Hz ,fH = 11 kHz, fHB = 1.1 kHz , but you can modify the frequencies using the following equations .

The LM4562 has a wide supply range of ±2.5V to ±17V. Over this supply range the LM4562’s input circuitry maintains excellent common-mode and power supply rejection, as well as maintaining its low input bias current.
Combining advanced leading-edge process technology with state-of-the-art circuit design, this audio operational amplifier deliver superior audio signal amplification for outstanding audio performance.

 lm4562 tone control circuit equations
lm4562 tone control circuit diagram
LM4562 tone control diagram

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