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Voice changer circuit diagram using RTS0072B

This voice changer circuit electronic project is designed using the RTS0072B.
RTS0072B voice changer circuit must be powered from a DC power supply circuit that will provide a fixed output voltage between 3 and 5 volts .
RTS0072B single chip CMOS LSI is designed for voice changer applications, which can transpose or distort one voice into another voice by encoding the input audio signals in normal speed and transmit the output audio signals with unusual speed.

Voice changer is accomplished by sampling the input audio signals into digital signals and re-arranges the digital signals to generate different voice from the user normal voice.

This circuit design project is very simple and require few external electronic parts .
This circuit has various voice effects like transposing voice (higher or lower) ,amplifying voice and robot voice .
As you can see in this project is used a 9 volts DC power supply , because this circuit uses a LM386 audio amplifier IC that will amplify the output signal .

Voice changer circuit

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There are 3 components in this circuit that look like ZZ. They are marked in uF so it looks like a capacitor. Is this a special type of capacitor? Thanks, Terry

All 3 components are polarized capacitors.

All three of the "ZZ" parts are 100 microfarad electrolytic capacitors. Be certain to observe the marked polarity when installing them. I would use at least 16v capacitors. Tony