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12V solar charger circuit design

This simple solar charger circuit project is designed using few external common electronic parts . This simple solar charger circuit is capable of handling charge currents of up to 1A. Alternate component values are given in the circuit for lower current applications.

The only adjustment for this circuit is the voltage trip point when the current is shunted through the transistor and load resistor. This should be set with a fully charged battery. As the transistor and R3 have the entire panel’s output across them when the battery is fully charged, all of the current from the panel will be going through R3 and the Darlington transistor TIP112, so these must be well heat sunk. Adjust R1 for the trip point, usually 14.4 V – 15 V for a 12 V SLA or a 12 V Ni-Cd battery.

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12V solar charger circuit design electronic project