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LiFePO4 battery charger using LTM8062

Using the LTM8062 battery charger IC , designed by Linear Technology you can design a very simple LiFePO4 Lithium battery charger using few external electronic components . LTM8062 Lithium battery charger is a complete μModule power tracking battery charger that accept a maximum input voltage up to 32V and will provide a maximum output current of 2A .

The LTM8062 provides a constant current and constant voltage charge characteristic, a 2A maximum charge current, and employs a 3.3V float voltage feedback reference, so any desired battery float voltage up to 14.4V can be programmed with a resistor divider.

However, the LTM8062 can be powered from solar panels , but when the LTM8062 is powered by a solar panel, input regulation loop is used to maintain the panel at peak output power.
The LTM8062 also features preconditioning trickle charge, bad battery detection, a choice of termination schemes and automatic restart feature .
In this circuit diagram the LTM8062 IC is used to design a simple , high efficiency 2A, 2-Cell LiFePO4 Battery Charger with C/10 Termination .
2 Cell LiFePO4 Lithium battery charger circuit design using LTM8062 IC

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