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MAX641 high current step-up converter

Using MAX641 integrated circuit, manufactured by Maxim IC, can be designed a very simple step-up converter using few electronic components. This step-up high voltage converter electronic projects allows a maximum output current up to 1A. Low battery voltage detector input compare LB1 with internal reference of 1.31 V. LBO output goes in low state when the voltage at pin 1 falls below 1.31 V. The threshold voltage for "low battery", is determined by voltage divider R1-R2.
LED D1 illuminates the LBO output when the input voltage falls below 2.62 V.
Input voltage must remain below 5 V. The maximum effectiveness is 80% conversion.

Electronic Circuits: 
Circuit Diagram: 
MAX641 high current step-up converter


I'm looking to build a small, inexpensive DC DC converter for 12 to 24 Volts @ 1.8 to 2 Amp. I'll need to integrate several of then into a project that I'm working on. Does someone has a good idea? NSM