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White LED driver circuit using TB62756FUG driver

A very simple low cost white LED driver electronic circuit project can be designed using the TB62756FUG high efficiency step-up type DC DC converter designed especially for use as a constant current driver of white LEDs.
Using the TB62756FUG white LED driver it is possible to drive 2 to 6 white LEDs connected in series using a lithium-ion battery.
The TB62756FUG driver IC incorporates an N-ch-MOS FET required for switching of an external inductor.

The forward current of the LEDs can be controlled by an external resistor.
This driver circuit is best suited for use as a driver of white LED back lighting in color LCDs in PDAs, cellular phones and handy terminal devices.
Some features of this driver circuit electronic project are : 2 to 6 white LEDs connected series , variable LED current IF is set with a external resistor: 20 mA (typ.) @RSENS = 16 Ω , output power: Available for 400 mW LED loading , high efficiency: 87% .
As you can see in the circuit diagram this electronic circuit project require few external electronic parts and is very easy to be configured . This project can be powered from a simple DC power source that will provide an output voltage range between 2.8 and 5.5 volts .
Components required by this project are : L1 : CXLD120 series , C1 : C2012JB1E225K , C2 : C2012JB1E105K , S-Di : CUS02 1 A/30 V , WLEDs : NSCW215T .
white LED driver electronic circuit project using TB62756FUG driver IC

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