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PCB Elegance

Pcb Elegance is a pcb design software , designed by Merco Electronics. This software is not free , but like many others pcb software it has a limited version , that can be used by students and hobbyist . The “free version” of PCB Elegance has an 200 pin limitation per project .
At first look of the Pcb Elegance, this pcb design software has nothing special or something in plus than other free software . To design a printed circuit board with this software you don’t need a special training or to read thousands of pages , because the menu is very simple and intuitive .
A very nice thing at PCB Elegance is that ,when you start the application , you can see in the main window mains steps that must or need to be followed to complete a pcb design .
From the main window of the PCB Elegance you can navigate through the all sub programs that are required to design a PCB .
If you take a look in the main window you can see that you can go to Schematic Editor, Symbol Editor , PCB Layout, Gerber view ,Geometry Editor ( footprint editor), but also you can create bills of materials ,create netslist , annotate schematic and manage libraries ( symbols and footprints) or access help files .
The schematic editor window is very simple , is not containing some special menus , just Files , Edit , View, Help and in the left side of the window some icons that can help you to draw the schematic .
What we don’t liked at Schematic editor window ?
We don’t like the method for placing components , because when you select ADD symbol you cannot see the selected component in that window ( the component is appear in the main window , but you can not see in some cases the entire component because the component is following the cursor ) and also if you want to select a component from the list you need to scroll down until you find it ( if you type for example R for resistor or C for capacitor it’s not going to the components that starts with R respective C) .
However for placing components in Pcb Elegance you have a very nice feature Add symbol with search, that permit you to type for example r and a list of components that starts with R will appear or if you type resistor all components containing “resistor” will appear . But in this mode of placing components you will not see how the components looks.
In other wise you can draw very easy an electronic schematic using shortcuts ( for example if you want to place a wire you can select W and draw it ) .
The PCB Layout window is also very easy to use and sett .
After you finished the drawing for the circuit and you have annotate the entire schematic you’ll need to select the geometry type for all placed component (one by one) and after that to generate the netslist .
After the Netslist was generated you can start to design the pcb , making just a click on the PCB Layout icon . After that you can specify the dimension of your board , trace width , clearance spacing, pads and vias dimensions .After all settings has made you’ll need to import a netslist , arrange components and routing your board .
Because this software has no autoplacement and autorouting for components , you’ll need to place and route all components manually .
You can see how Pcb Elegance cad software works and how is looks in the video presented bellow .

You can download this cad software from the designer website or following this link PCB Elegance Download