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12 volt power supply using LT3845

Using the LT3845 is high voltage, synchronous, current mode controller can be designed a high efficiency 12 volt power supply .
An onboard regulator simplifies the biasing requirements by providing IC power directly from VIN.

Burst Mode operation maintains high efficiency at light loads by reducing IC quiescent current to 120μA. Light load efficiency is also improved with the reverse inductor current inhibit function which supports discontinuous operation.

Additional features include adjustable fixed operating frequency that can be synchronized to an external clock for noise sensitive applications, gate drivers capable of driving large N-channel MOSFETs, a precision undervoltage lockout, 10μA shutdown current, short-circuit protection and a programmable soft-start.

This 12 power supply project will require an input voltage range between 20 and 55 volts and will deliver a maximum output power of 75 watts at 12 volts output voltage .
Using the LT3845 high voltage controller you can design various power applications , because this controller accepts a wide input voltage range between 4 and 60 volts and can provide a maximum output voltage around 36 volts . Also LT3845 has an adjustable constant frequency from 100kHz up to 500kHz .
75 watts 12 volt power supply schematic circuit diagram design using LT3845

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