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12 volt power supply using LTC4444

A very simple high efficiency 12 volt power supply electronic project can be designed using the LTC4444 high frequency high voltage gate driver that drives two N-channel MOSFETs in a synchronous DC DC converter with supply voltages up to 100V.
LTC4444 driver reduces switching losses in MOSFETs with high gate capacitance.
This 12 volt power supply electronic project use a LTC3780 high efficiency buck boost controller circuit a LTC4444 driver and some other common electronic parts .
This circuit has a very high efficiency and supports a wide input voltage range from8 up to 80 volts and will provide a fixed 12 volt output voltage at a maximum output current of 5 ampere .

The LTC4444 employs CMOS compatible input thresholds that allow a low voltage digital signal to drive standard power MOSFETs. The LTC4444 contains an internal voltage regulator that biases both input buffers for high side and low side inputs, allowing the input thresholds (VIH = 2.75V, VIL = 2.3V) to be independent of variations in VCC .
The LTC4444 contains an undervoltage lockout detector that monitors VCC supply. When VCC falls below 6.15V, the output pins BG and TG are pulled down to GND and TS, respectively.

12 volt power supply  electronic circuit project design using LTC4444

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