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15A switching power supply using LTM4627

Using the LTM4627 integrated circuit designed by Linear technology you can design a very simple , high efficiency 15A switching power supply . Because the LTM4627 switch mode circuit include in the package almost all components required : switching controller, power FETs, inductor and compensation components , this high power switch mode DC regulator IC require few additional external electronic components .
This switch mode power supply circuit has a wide input operating range from 4.5V to 20V,and will provide a very stable output voltage range of 1.2 volt . The LTM4627 supports an output voltage range of 0.6V to 5V, set by a single external resistor , so you can modify the output voltage .
High switching frequency and a current mode architecture enable a very fast transient response to line and load changes without sacrificing stability. The device supports frequency synchronization, multiphase/current sharing operation, Burst Mode operation and output voltage tracking for supply rail sequencing.
Because the value for the output capacitor depends of output voltage please take a look in the datasheet at table 4 ( just if you modify the design ) .
LTM4627 15A switching power supply circuit diagram
LTM4627 15A switching power supply circuit diagram components

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