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24v power supply

A very simple high efficiency , high power switching 24v power supply schematic circuit that can provide a maximum output current of 10A at 24 volt output voltage can be designed using the LTC3787 high performance PolyPhase single output synchronous boost converter controller that drives two N-channel power MOSFET stages out-of-phase.
Multiphase operation reduces input and output capacitor requirements and allows the use of smaller inductors than the single-phase equivalent. Synchronous rectification in¬creases efficiency, reduces power losses and eases thermal requirements, enabling high power boost applications.

This high efficiency boost converter application require few external electronic components and support a wide input voltage range from 5 volts up to 24 volts.
If you connect two power supplies designed using LTC3787 IC you can obtain a double maximum output current .
When input voltage VIN The LTC3787 can be enabled to enter high efficiency Burst Mode operation, constant-frequency, pulse-skipping mode or forced continuous conduction mode at low load currents.
In sleep mode much of the internal circuitry is turned off and the LTC3787 draws only 135μA of quiescent current.
When the controller is enabled for Burst Mode operation, the inductor current is not allowed to reverse.
If you want to change the design you must apply some simple equations to calculate the required components value for your choice .

24v power supply 10A circuit design with LTC3787

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