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5 volt DC power supply using LTC3833 regulator

A very simple step down DC converter electronic project , can be designed using the LTC3833 , manufactured by Linear Technology . The LTC3833 is a synchronous step-down DC DC switching regulator controller targeted for high power applications. It drives all N-channel power MOSFETs. The controlled on-time valley current mode architecture allows for both fast transient response and constant frequency switching in steady-state operation, independent of VIN, VOUT and load current.

As you can see in the schematic circuit , this step down DC converter design , require few external electronic components .
This step down DC converter require an input voltage between 7 volt and 38 volt and will provide a fixed 5 volt DC at a maximum output current of 8 amperes .
As you can see in the diagram bellow , the efficiency of this step-down Dc converter is very high . You can use this 5 volts DC converter circuit for applications like datacomm systems , computing systems or some other electronic projects where is needed a high precision low output voltage at a huge output current .

Some features of the LTC3833 switching regulator are : wide VIN Range: 4.5V to 38V , VOUT Range: 0.6V to 5.5V ,differential output sensing allowing up to 500mV line loss , fast load transient response ,frequency programmable from 200kHz to 2MHz , overvoltage protection and current limit foldback , power good output voltage monitor and more .
 5 volt switching power supply design using LTC3833 integrated regulator
 5 volt switching power supply design using LTC3833 efficiency diagram

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