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LT3695 5 volt DC switching power supply

Using the LT3695 monolithic buck switching regulator can be designed a very simple high efficiency 5 volt DC switching power supply electronic project .
LT3695 buck switching regulator operates over a wide input voltage range from 3.6V to 36V and can safely sustain transient voltages up to 60V.
A SYNC pin allows the user to synchronize the part to an external clock, and to choose between low ripple Burst Mode operation and standard PWM operation.
Output voltage range that can obtained using the LT3695 switching regulator is form 0.8V to 20V with a maximum output current of 1 Amp .

The output voltage of the LT3695 regulator is programmed with a resistor divider between the output and the FB pin. The resistor value can be calculate using these formula :

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LT3695 5 volt DC switching power supply

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