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NCP3337 high performance low dropout regulator

A very simple high efficiency power supply circuit can be designed using the NCP3337 high performance low dropout regulator, manufactured by ON Semiconductor.
With accuracy of 0.9% over line and load and ultra−low quiescent current and noise it encompasses all of the necessary features required by consumer electronics.
The NCP3337 also comes equipped with sense and noise reduction pins to increase the overall
utility of the device.

This NCP3337 low dropout regulator power supply circuit require few external electronic parts and is some fixed output voltage type and one adjustable output voltage type .
As you can see in the circuit diagram , both circuits are the same , excepting that the adjustable version require two external resistors for programming the output voltage .
The maximum output current that can be provided by this regulator IC is up to 500mA .
The NCP3337 regulator accepts a wide range input voltage between 2.9 to 12 volts .
The circuit can be used for portable devices like :

High Accuracy Over Line and Load , Ultra−Low Dropout Voltage at Full Load (260 mV typ), Low Noise , Low Shutdown Current (

NCP3337 high performance, low dropout regulator circuit

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