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NCP571 low power regulator

In some electronic projects you will need an unusual regulated voltage , unusual , because the voltage required is very small and you can not use zenner diodes or some other tricks due of a compact design . In that case you can use this voltage regulator circuit based on the NCP571 , NCV571 which are low current voltage regulators available in few standard output voltage versions ( 0.8 V, 0.9 V, 1.0 V and 1.2 V ) .
The NCP571 , NCV571 low dropout linear regulators are designed for handheld communication equipment and portable battery powered applications which require low quiescent current. The NCP571 , NCV571 series features an ultra−low quiescent current of 4.0 uA.
NCP571 , NCV571 device contains a voltage reference unit, an error amplifier, a PMOS power transistor, resistors for setting output voltage, current limit, and temperature limit protection circuits.
The maximum output current that can be delivered by NCP571, NCV571 low dropout linear regulators is around 150mA , enough for handheld devices .
NCP571 NCV571 low power regulator design schematic circuit

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