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Switching power supply using LMZ14203H

A very simple switching power supply electronic circuit project can be designed using the LMZ14203H switching regulator , that can provide a maximum output current up to 3 amperes .
This switching power supply based on the LMZ14203H switching regulator , require few external electronic parts and is very easy to design . As you can see in the right side of the circuit diagram , this switching power supply electronic circuit supports various input voltages and can provide various output voltages , changing some external electronic parts .

Output voltage is determined by a divider of two resistors connected between VO and ground. The midpoint of the divider is connected to the FB input. The voltage at FB is compared to a 0.8V internal reference. In normal operation an on-time cycle is initiated when the voltage on the FB pin falls below 0.8V.
Programmable soft-start permits the regulator to slowly ramp to its steady state operating point after being enabled, thereby reducing current inrush from the input supply and slowing the output voltage rise-time to prevent overshoot.

The LMZ14203H regulator has a build in thermal function to prevent damage of IC due to overheating condition , but anyway you must to design the PCB layout in a way to can connect the LMZ14203H IC to a heatsink .

Switching power supply using LMZ14203H switching regulator

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