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Voltage inverter circuit design electronic project

This voltage inverter circuit is designed using common electronic parts . This voltage inverter circuit, produces a negative voltage from a positive one. Control current of 1 mA flowing through the resistance R1 is taken by a rectangular oscillator signals. If there is a 0 logic input transistor T1 is blocked and the entire current flows through R2 into the base of T2, capacitor C1 is charged by the emitter current of T2 (C1 capacitor voltage increases to the power supply voltage).
If the input voltage transistor T1 is a logical drive, plus connection of C1 is now on the table by D1 and T1. The connection of this capacitor is far less negative than a table and can be held responsible for the transport of C1 to C2 through diode D3 (output voltage is in this case a negative voltage value of -11 volts).

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Voltage inverter circuit design electronic project