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Linear and switching power supplies circuits design

Linear and switching power supplies electronic circuits design projects and schematics.

5 volt DC power supply using LTC3833 regulator

A very simple step down DC converter electronic project , can be designed using the LTC3833 , manufactured by Linear Technology . The LTC3833 is a synchronous step-down DC DC switching regulator controller targeted for high power applications. It drives all N-channel power MOSFETs. The controlled on-time valley current mode architecture allows for both fast transient response and constant frequency switching in steady-state operation, independent of VIN, VOUT and load current.

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5 volt switching power supply using LTC3852

Another simple high efficiency 5 volt DC power supply can be designed using the LTC3852 constant frequency, current mode step-down DC/DC controller which can be powered by an onboard charge pump. Input supplies as low as 2.7V, when doubled by the charge pump, provide 5V to the LTC3852’s control logic and gate drives, supporting a wide selection of logic-level N-channel power MOSFETs.

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12 volt power supply using LT3845

Using the LT3845 is high voltage, synchronous, current mode controller can be designed a high efficiency 12 volt power supply .
An onboard regulator simplifies the biasing requirements by providing IC power directly from VIN.

Burst Mode operation maintains high efficiency at light loads by reducing IC quiescent current to 120μA. Light load efficiency is also improved with the reverse inductor current inhibit function which supports discontinuous operation.

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