LM1800 FM stereo demodulator circuit

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This FM stereo demodulator circuit that use phased lock loop techniques to regenerate the 38kHz subcarrier is designed using the LM1800 integrated circuit .
The LM1800 integrated FM stereo demodulator circuit has numerous features like :
automatic stereo/monaural switching , 45 dB power supply rejection ,wide operating supply voltage range ,excellent channel separation .
For this LM1800 Phase-Locked Loop FM Stereo Demodulator circuit, you will need an dc power supply that can provide an output voltage between 10 and 18 volts .
As you can see in the circuit diagram this lm1800 fm stereo demodulator has a 100mA stereo indicator lamp driver.
Also if you can not find the LM1800 Phase-Locked Loop FM stereo circuit on the market you can use the UA758 ic which is pin-to-pin compatible with LM1800 .

Circuit Diagram: 
LM1800 FM Stereo Demodulator circuit


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