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TDA7000 fm radio circuit design

This fm radio circuit is designed using TDA7000 fm radio integrated circuit and a minimum of external electronic components.
The TDA7000 fm radio circuit has an FLL (Frequency-Locked-Loop) system with an intermediate frequency of 70 kHz and the selectivity is obtained by active RC filters. The only function which needs “calibration” is the resonant circuit for the oscillator (for the reception frequency ).
Using an integrated device like in this project in your FM radio can eliminate LC tuned circuits from the RF, IF, local oscillator and demodulator stages. A way to eliminate the coils in the IF and demodulator stages is to reduce the normally used intermediate frequency of 10.7MHz to a frequency that can be tuned by active RC filters.
This fm radio receiver can also be used as receiver in equipment such as cordless telephones, CB radios, radio-controlled models, paging systems etc.
This fm radio receiver circuit needs a 4.5 volts power supply .
For AF amplifier you can use the circuit below or an integrated amplifier like TDA7052 amplifier , Tda1011 or others .

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TDA7000 fm radio circuit