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Creating component in Kicad

Reading this article you'll learn how to create components in Kicad, because like in any pcb layout editor or circuit drawing software, in KiCad you need sometime to design new components.
To create components in KiCad it’s needed to follow some important steps.
First step for create components in Kicad, is to select library editor. From the library editor window you need to select the working library . This will be the place where your component will be saved and where you will find it.
After the library editor appears, and you selected working library, you need to click on create a new component icon.
By clicking on the create a new component icon, component properties window appears.
In component properties window we need to enter some general information about this component. Most important fields are Component name, default reference and number of parts per package.
After all required information is entered, we need to draw component body, using tools from the right side tool bar. Next step is to place all required pins.
To place component pin you need to click on place a pin icon. After place a pin icon is clicked; pin properties window appears.
In this window we need to set all parameters of desired pin (need to choose: pin name, number, electrical type and graphic style).
Also you can modify text size of name, number and length of pin
If your component is ready, you can double click on the component's body or outside of the body, to modify properties.
In this window, you can write some description, select footprint or set alias.
If you want to fill component's body, you need to double click on the component body line (in this window you can select: fill foreground or fill background).
Now your component is ready, and you need just to save component in the working library.