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Sensors electronic circuits design projects

Sensor based electronic circuits design projects and schematics

9 channels sensor switch circuit

This 9 channels sensor switch circuit diagram is designed using CMOS components.
This 9 channels sensor switch circuit consist of only three integrated circuits and some resistors.

Circuit Diagram: 
Sensor switch circuit using 74HC147
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TLC272 Proximity detector circuit

This proximity detector circuit is designed using a temperature sensor and TLC272 op amp. The temperature sensor can react to any heat generated by body heat. The sensor used in this TLC272 proximity detector circuit has a sensitive surface which was divided in two, so that it can sense if the heat source is coming from the left or right. Indication for cold objects will be exactly opposite of the warm objects.

Circuit Diagram: 
tlc272 proximity detector circuit
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Water sensor alarm circuit using transistors

This water sensor alarm circuit diagram is designed using common electronic components. The water sensor alarm circuit may operate an active buzzer, to make a sound when is reached a certain level of water.

Because water sensor and control circuit for buzzer are located on the same printed circuit board, indicator, together with 9 V battery and buzzer can be mounted in a compact case.

Circuit Diagram: 
Transistor water sensor alarm circuit
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