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System for solar orientation using common electronic parts

This is a very simple system for solar orientation which can be used for charging batteries, or for various applications that use solar energy.
The solar orientation circuit uses a comparator with window control that maintains engine idle as long as the two LDR's (photoresist) are subjected to the same illumination. In this case, half the voltage is applied to the noninverting input of A1 and A2's inverting input. When the sun's position changes, lighting affecting LDR R1 and R2 sites is different, the comparator input voltage window is not half the supply voltage, the comparator output so that the engine generates information for the purposes of direct or rotate counterclockwise counterclockwise.
Potentiometers P1 and P2 are used for adjustments , are adjusted so that the engine stand still when LDR's are subject to the same illuminations
Use this command control circuit enables the solar panel into a single plan

Electronic Circuits: 
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System for solar orientation using common electronic parts