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Ultrasonic parking sonar circuit design project

A very simple ultrasonic parking sonar electronic project can be designed using this schematic circuit . This ultrasonic parking sonar electronic project has an adjustable detection range from 5 cm up to 1.5 meters and a detection angle of 5 degrees .
This ultrasonic parking circuit has a transmitter frequency of 45kHz and require a dc power supply circuit that can provide a output voltage between 10 and 15 volts at 16 mA output current (consumption current) .
The circuit is activated as soon as the gear is shifted in reverse (this is marked by a 'bip' tone) and will detect any obstacle within the range of the sensors, the detection distance ( sensitivity) being adjusted by means of the trimmer RV1. A distance of approx. 25 to 30cm from the backside of the car seems to be a value of practical use.
In case the buzzer cannot be heard clear enough, you can bring it closer to the driver by means of a 2 conductor extension cord.
Components required by this circuit are : R1 : 10M ,R2 : 22K,R3 ,R4: 27K ,R5 : 47 ,R6,R13 : 10K, R7,R8,R9,R10 : 15K ,R11,R12 : 1K , R14:270K , D1,D2,D3,D4: 1N4148, D5 : 1N4007 , C1,C2: 12pF , C3 : 22nF , C4, C7, C8: 10nF , C5 , C9: 100nF , C6 : 470µF , C10 : 10µF , C11 : 100µF , RV1 : 470K , IC1 : CD4060 , IC2 : CD4020 , IC3 : CD4068 , IC4 : CD4093 , IC5 : CD4049 , IC6 : TL074, T1: BC547, SENS 1 :MA40A5S , SENS 2 :MA40A5R .

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Ultrasonic parking sonar circuit design project


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