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Vicor power modules
DCF77 module circuit using MAS6180C1
Economy high brightness led flashlight circuit
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LT3980 5V 2A dc converter circuit
LTM8031 5v dc converter circuit
2 channel audio mixer circuit using transistors
3.3V Dc power converter using LTC3601
5v dc power switching converter using LT3680
1W audio amplifier circuit using NCP2830
Creating component in Kicad
High current DC power converter using ISL8016
Power management integrated circuit LTC3554
5 to 12V dc converter circuit diagram using LT3582-12
5 to 12v converter using ADP1612
5 to 12V DC converter circuit using LTC3872
Dual positive and negative adjustable regulator
Radio metal detector circuit
RF detector circuit diagram
65W notebook laptop power adapter circuit
70-90 watt power amplifier circuit using transistors
TDA2030 40W power amplifier
15V variable power supply circuit
SD MicroSD Card pinout
9 to 25 pin serial adapter pinout
Battery step up circuit converter using MCP1640
12V step-down dc converter circuit
5 to 12V converter circuit diagram
MAX641 high current step-up converter
RF amplifier circuit diagram
TDA7088T fm radio receiver circuit
Radio receiver circuit for long and medium wave
NiCd charger circuit diagram with transistors
Universal Serial Bus USB pinout
RS232 DB25 pinout
RS232 DB9 pinout
5v power supply LTM8021
9 channels sensor switch circuit
TLC272 Proximity detector circuit
Water sensor alarm circuit using transistors
LM317 30v variable power supply circuit
LM723 variable power supply circuit
12V power inverter circuit using 555 timer
1.5v to 9v dc converter circuit
MC33374 high power voltage switching regulator
ADP3367 low drop out regulator voltage regulator
Cm1117 voltage regulator
RF field detector circuit diagram
Filter carrier with narrow bandwidth circuit
Long wave radio and medium wave radio receiver using TBA120
Antenna selector circuit using PIN diodes
Antenna selector circuit diagram electronic project
MAX680 symmetrical power supply circuit electronic project
5 volts high current power supply using 7805 voltage regulator
Electronic thermometer using lm723 and common electronic parts
Temperature indicator circuit diagram
System for solar orientation using common electronic parts
Thermometer circuit schematic using operational amplifiers
Capacitive touch sensor using 555 timer circuit
Liquid detector circuit diagram electronic project
Infrared detector circuit using PID20
LM3409 dimming controlled LED driver circuit design
LTC3600 LED driver circuit
Variable voltage Zener circuit design electronic project
12 to 24 volt converter circuit design project
Voltage inverter circuit design electronic project
ADP2323 high current DC DC converter circuit design electronic project
LTC3226 supercapacitor charger electronic circuit project
CV/CC charger circuit diagram designed using LinKSwitch
MAX8934 LiIon battery char­ger
MAX8903A charger circuit diagram
12 to 250V converter circuit diagram electronic project
LTC3600 lab power supply circuit diagram electronic project
LM2576 simple lab power supply electronic project
0-40V lab power supply circuit diagram electronic project using LM723 L146
10 300V variable power supply circuit design diagram electronic project
Symmetrical power supply circuit electronic project
Stereo headphone amplifier circuit design electronic project using LM48824
TDA7294 bridge power amplifier circuit diagram electronic project
TDA1519 audio amplifier circuit diagram project
TDA7377 class AB car radio amplifier circuit design electronic project
TDA7384 class AB Audio Power Amplifier circuit design electronic project
TDA2822 power amplifier electronic project circuit design
Tone control circuit designed using LM833
TDA2052 active audio system circuit
60 watts audio amplifier circuit using TDA7296 class AB amplifier
TDA2052 audio amplifier circuit design electronic project
12 watt audio amplifier circuit using TDA1020
UHF amplifier circuit using transistor
Varactorless high frequency modulator circuit
RF2126 high efficiency amplifier for 2.45 GHz ISM
TDA9887 IF-PLL demodulator circuit
ADF4007 Local Oscillator circuit
AD9834 DDS device evaluation board circuit
MAR-6 VHF-UHF wide band amplifier circuit
LM317 Lead acid batteries charger circuit design electronic project