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Eagle PCB Software

Other schematic capture and PCB layout design software that can be used for free ( with some limitations ) is EAGLE PCB . The name of this software , EAGLE PCB is not form eagle bird , the name of this software is an acronym from Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor . So as it name says Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor , Eagle is a very easy to use ( user friendly ) layout editor software , used by many PCB designers .
Eagle PCB has a main window where are a tree menu from where you can access the other subprograms of the software that help you to design the printed circuits boards.
The menus of the Tree menu are :
Libraries – where you will find all the component libraries supplied with EAGLE .
Design Rules – where you will find all the parameters relevant to the board and its manufacture
User Language programs or – you will find examples which demonstrate some features of the User Language. They have no practical use.
Scripts - Script Files - script files are a powerful tool that can contain long sequences of commands, such as the specification of specific colors and fill-patterns for layers.
CAM jobs- provides a job mechanism with the aid of which the creation of the output data for a board can be automated.
Projects – it is a folder that contains subfolders which contain all your projects.

The top menu from this window you will see another menu that contains other submenus :
File – using this menu you can open , save , close new projects
View – In this menu you will see a refresh option and a sort option that is used for arrange the
Folders from tree menu .
Options – is used to set few options , like directories , user interface ( you can enable or disable some of the tools and menus from the user interface ) , and the backup ( used to auto save ) .
Help – very important menu where you will find various help files .
If you want to create a project using EAGLE ( without many settings ) you will need to follow few steps :
1.Click on the File menu -> New ->Project
2.Click on the File menu -> New ->Schematic
After you will click on the new schematic submenu , the schematic editor window will appear and you will can edit your circuit .
3.Than you will need to place all needed components , by clicking on the “ADD a part “ icon , from the left menu on the window .
4.After all component are placed you can start to wire the circuit , by selecting the wire button from the left menu .
If the circuit is too big you can place just few component and wire them , and after that to continue with other part of the circuit .
5.After the route of the circuit is complete , you need to run the design rule check , to test if the routing is ok .
6.When you finish to route the circuit you will need to create the printed circuit board .
To create the printed circuit board you have two options :
1.By clicking on the from the main window on the File menu -> New ->Board or,
2. By Clicking on the Board icon from the Schematic editor window ( under top menu)
After the step 6 is complete you will see all footprints of the components in the Board window , and now you can create the board outline and place components (one by one ) in the interior of the board outline .
Also in Eagle you can use Auto function , that will route and place automatic all components ( not working in the Light edition) .
In the left side of the EAGLE software , in both window ( Schematic editor , and board editor ) you will have a menu ( with icons ) that helps user to edit the schematic circuit respective printed circuit board .
Also using the EAGLE software you have possibility to edit or create components and footprints .
The Eagle software is developed by CADSOFT and is available for Windows , Linux and Mac OS . The freeware version of the EAGLE software can be downloaded from the CADSOFTUSA.com webpage .
To see how simply to design a circuit using this PCB software we prepared a small video tutorial .