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Pad2Pad PCB software

Pad2Pad is a free PCB software that can be used to design, analyze, price, order and manufacture printed circuit boards (PCBs) .The Pad2pad free pcb software is very simple to use and require just few resources , it can work with an minimum requirements : Windows 2000/XP,Vista, 7, Pentium 233 MHz or higher , 128 Mb RAM , 26 Mb of free disk space . The installation package of the pad 2pad software has just few MB , so you don’t need a big hardware or an expensive computer .
Pad2Pad free PCB software it’s a little different than other PCB software , because it have just a interface window for PCB Layout . Because this software has just a PCB Layout interface you can not draw the circuit an you can not use an InterTool communication option . If you are not familiar with this type of software , will be a little difficult to create a printed circuit board . Also if you need to design a big printed circuit board will be hard to place and route al components , because you will don’t see the circuit , but you can draw the circuit using other capture software and then export nets list that will be imported in the Pad2Pad PCB software .
To design a printed circuit board using this PCB software you need to follow few steps :
1.Draw board shape and place pads and footprints.
2. Set up electrical nets ( this step is optional , but is very helpful if you design a big printed circuit board ) .
I f you want to use this feature you need to import nets list from an specialized circuit capture software .
3. Route your circuit board using by connecting traces manually or use the auto-router.
4. Run the Check-Board command ( with this option you will check your design for errors like :short-circuits, missing connections , etc. ) .
The software can be downloaded from the developer website or you can follow this link
To understand how you can create a printed circuit board using this software we prepared a small video tutorial , but you can find more useful information video and text tutorials on the developer website .
In our opinion this software can be very helpful if you will use it for small project and can be a cheap alternative of paid software .