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PCB Layout software tutorials and reviews

PCB Layout software tutorials and reviews . How to create a printed circuit board using a PCB Layout software .

PCB Elegance

Pcb Elegance is a pcb design software , designed by Merco Electronics. This software is not free , but like many others pcb software it has a limited version , that can be used by students and hobbyist . The “free version” of PCB Elegance has an 200 pin limitation per project .


DipTrace PCB review

Diptrace is a PCB design software developed for educational and professional use . Diptrace PCB design software not a free software , but is available in many versions including student versions . A full features package of diptrace is available at around 600 Euros .

This software has many features and is very easy to use .
This software has four main programs :


Ultiboard PCB software

Ultiboard software is a part from the Multisim , Circuit Design Suite package , designed by NI ( National Instruments ) .
Why I split this review in two parts ?

Because the Ultiboard software is less user friendly than Multisim, which is very easy to use .
Ultiboard is a part from the Circuit Design Suite software that helps you do design printed circuit boards from a circuit file created in various circuit drawing software from : Orcad , Protel , Multisim , Calay etc.



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