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Target 3001 PCB review

Target 3001 pcb cad software is another useful program that can help you to design printed circuits boards .
Target 3001 is not a free software , but can be used for free with 250 pins limits if it is not used for commercial purpose , so you can use it if you use it for your projects .
Like others PCB software , Target 3001 has two main programs , which are accessed like a window ( you will not find two separates programs , to switch between circuit design window and PCB design window you will need just to click a button ) .
The Target pcb cad software is available in 7 versions : discover, light , smart, medium , economy , professional , design station ( the last version mentioned it is the more expensive version ) .
The Target PCB software is simple to use and is very similar with other PCB software , if you are not at the first time that you see a PCB design software ,you will see that it is no more different than other similar software .
In the top of the windows you will see some menus for create new schematic , save , print , configuration , place components , check project and help . Under this menus you will find some buttons (icons) that will give you access to the most important menu items like : Save ,Print , Paste , PCB View /Schematic View, Zoom ,Place wire , Place Components and many other .
In the right side of the window you will see some useful menus for settings , components place and search function .
In the PCB design window you will find almost the same buttons like in the Schematic window , plus some buttons for Layer configurations , pcb footprints .
Something different at Target PCB software is that you don’t need to create nets list .
The pcb footprint for all components must be selected when the component is placed .
The free version (with 250 pins limit) of the Target 3001! Can be downloaded from this link .
To see how simply is to design a printed circuit board using this pcb cad software we prepared a small video tutorial .
In conclusion , Target PCB CAD software is a user friendly pcb software with many features , and it can be used for free for small noncommercial purpose projects .