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SwitcherPro power supplies design software

SwitcherPro software is a very useful free software that allows users to design power supplies with Texas Instruments power controllers from the TPS40K, TPS50K (SWIFT), and TPS60K (LoPwrDC) families.
Using SwitcherPro power supplies design software you can design and optimize your power supply circuit using few steps .
SwitcherPro also provides common evaluation module (EVM) designs that can be used for reference or starting points for custom designs.
To create a new design using this power supplies design software is very simple and you have two possibilities :

LTpowerCAD power supply design

LTpowerCAD Design Tool is a powerful power supply design tool program designed by Linear Technology that significantly eases the tasks of selecting component values, estimating power loss and efficiency, and optimizing the compensation loop.
To install LTpowerCAD Design Tool you’ll need some minimum requirements like: Microsoft Windows-based PC with Windows XP SP2 or higher operation system ; Microsoft Office Excel 2000, 2003 or 2007 ; Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and plus .

PCB Elegance

Pcb Elegance is a pcb design software , designed by Merco Electronics. This software is not free , but like many others pcb software it has a limited version , that can be used by students and hobbyist . The “free version” of PCB Elegance has an 200 pin limitation per project .