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Eagle PCB Software

Other schematic capture and PCB layout design software that can be used for free ( with some limitations ) is EAGLE PCB . The name of this software , EAGLE PCB is not form eagle bird , the name of this software is an acronym from Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor . So as it name says Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor , Eagle is a very easy to use ( user friendly ) layout editor software , used by many PCB designers .

LTSpice simulator software

LTspice is circuit simulator software designed by Linear Technology . SPICE simulators are the only way to check circuitry prior to integration onto a chip. Also SPICE simulators allows measurements of currents and voltages that are virtually impossible to do any other way.
The LTspice circuitry simulator software designed by Linear Technology is a free software that help you to simulate some of the Linear Technology integrated circuits , and other analog circuits .

Kicad PCB review software

The Kicad PCB software is a group of programs for schematics and PCBs that is available for LINUX and Windows operating systems .
The main window of Kicad is a project manager that facilitates the use of the various
programs required to draw schematics and layout PCBs .
Main sub-programs of the Kicad pcb layout soft