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eSketch schematic capture and simulation

eSketch PRO is a schematic capture and simulation application software specifically designed for the ultra fast rendition and simulation of frequency-shaping analog circuits such as preamplifiers, amplifiers, active filters, passive filters, crossovers, equalizers and tone controls. eSketch is a specialized program for circuits containing capacitors, inductors, resistors and op amps. Two bad points for this spice software are that it does not provide transistors, diodes or other non-linear devices and is not free.
This software is very simple to use and but it is not free , you can use a free version that will work for 15 days .
This spice software works on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2K operating systems .
You can purchase full software for 29$ from schematic.com or you can use another spice software which is free and it has many other components LTspice for example .
Some features of the eSketch analog circuit simulation are :
- view two graphs simultaneously
- two voltage probes - view both, either, or difference
- save previous traces to view up to 13 voltages or currents at once
- amplitude response (real, imaginary, dB, volts)
- phase and group delay responses
- input impedance
- component current, impedance and power dissipation
- Sensitivity of output voltage to changes in component values
- transient response to impulse, step and "staircase" inputs
- "ideal" and "real" op amp models
- Monte Carlo analysis
-Parameter Sweep analysis
-pole-zero placement
Watching video bellow you can see how this software looks and how it’s works .