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Multisim Spice software

Multisim is a very useful and powerful SPICE software designed by National Instruments that can be used to design and simulate electronic and electrical circuits .
Multisim is a very complex easy to use simulation software that can be used for small ( low complex ) and huge complex electronic circuits .
Multisim SPICE software is not free but is very nice , the main menu is arranged in some way that helps you to design and simulate very quickly and easy any circuit .
Also if you test it you will see that this simulation software has many features and tools .We thinking that you don’t need more than this software offers .
The circuit designed in Multisim can be transferred to Ultiboard ( a piece of Multisim that helps you to design printed circuits boards ) or to another software specialized in PCB design ( Pads, Protel, P-Cad, Orcad ) .
Also in Multisim electrical and electronics simulation software you have possibility to design and simulate circuits based on MCUs( microcontrollers ) like 805x, PIC family and RAM/ ROM memories .
A very nice think that help you to design and simulate circuits in Multisim is that you can use many virtual instruments like : multimeters , oscilloscopes ,watt-meters, function generators, converters , spectrum analyzer , network analyzer, distortion analyzer and many other useful instruments .
As you can see in this small video tutorial Multisim has an option that let you to palce components from designed circuit into a virtual breadboard ( in 3D view ) .
TO install this software on your computer is needed minimum requirements like:
Windows Vista/XP 32-bit editions ,Windows Vista 64-bit edition ,Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit editions , Pentium 4 class microprocessor or equivalent (Pentium III class minimum), 512 MB of memory (256 MB minimum), 1.5 GB of free hard disk space (1 GB minimum), Open GL® capable 3D graphics card recommended (SVGA resolution video adapter with 800 × 600 video resolution minimum ,1024 × 768 or higher preferred).
If you want to install Multisim Circuit Design Suite on Windows NT/Me/98/95/2000, or Windows XP x64 you need an older version than version 11.
The installation of Multisim software is like other install , but it will install both pieces of software Multisim and Ultiboard .
To create a Multisim project you need jut to simply click on the File ->Project and Packing ->New project .
When you create a new project Multisim will generate automatically files for schematic , pcb , simulation and reports for that project , but you can also create a New Design , by clicking on File ->New->Design .
This Spice software is very nice , but it is not free . You can use evaluation version for 30 days or you can use student version (with some limitations ) or you can buy a license .
To place components using Multisim you need just to select the right icon of desired component type ( you have icon to place components , structure by type : power , basic , analog, ttl, cmos, mcus, electromechanical ,diodes, transistors , RF , etc.
This software can be downloaded from the National Instruments home page ( just follow this link ).


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