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NL5 circuit simulator

The first version of NL for personal computers was developed in the early ‘90s as a tool for switching power supplies design. Since then NL has evolved into the Microsoft Windows®-based NL4, which has been used extensively by world-class engineers in different fields of electronics for almost 10 years. NL5 is the first version to be publicly available.
NL5 circuit simulator software
NL5 is circuit simulator software is a software that helps you to design non linear electronic circuits in a easy way .
How the author of the NL5 says “Don't trust ads much” we decided to test this software to see how easy is to use and what it can do .
First thing that was surprising was the dimension of the package .
The main window of this software has nothing special than some other circuit simulation software .
In the first tab of window you will have the main menu( File , Edit, help , etc.) that helps you to configure your projects .
Under the main menu you will find a menu ( icon menu ) that comprise some usual functions like New Project, Open, Save ,Print and some other useful menus that helps you to start /stop different simulation modes .
Bellow this menu you will have the most important component that will be used to design and simulate an electronic circuit . Components from this menu can be viewed all or can be selected by alfabethical letter .
In the right side of the window is a menu that helps you to place wire , text , zoom in/out, rotate components and many other functions .
To see how to design a circuit using NL5 circuit simulator we prepared a small video tutorial .
Nl5 circuit simulator is not a free software , but is available in many different versions from free 30 days Trial , free 1 year Student version to Personal License that cost around 500$ and provides unlimited non-expirable use on any PC .
NL5 circuit simulator supports functions like : sin , cos, tg ,ctg, min and many other useful functions .
Also this software can work with operators and it has some special script support that allow you to use C language .
If you want to test or buy this software you can do that by going to the authors home page nl5.sidelinesoft.com .