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Solve Elec

Solve Elec software is a free piece of software that helps you to study circuits in direct current and alternating current .
Solve Elec software is not a really circuit simulator software , but is very nice and good for students , which want to learn the basics of electronics .
Why is not a really circuit simulator software ? because you can not simulate directly circuits , without to type any equation . If you want to study some electronic circuit diagrams using Solve elec , you’ll need to know some basics equations ( depends of complexity of circuit ) .
Using this software you can :
draw and analyze electrical circuits functioning in direct or alternating current
-get literal formulas and values for current intensities and voltages defined in the circuit.
-verify circuit related equations.
-draw graphs.
-get the equivalent circuit of displayed circuit
-browse an integrated documentation
-edit, save and print reports made of various elements displayed in main window
To draw an electronic circuit using Solve Elec is very simple , you need just to click on the component you want to place and put it to the working area .
You cannot use the designed circuit with other simulation (spice ) or pcb software .
However this software is free and can be downloaded from physicsbox.com website .
Also in the package delivered of this software you will find a very good help file that can help you to use the entire power of this software .
This software can be very good for those who have time to type all required equations ( for all wanted parts from an circuit ) .
This software is ok but it can be improved by the author , because you can not delete components or wires ( you must use cut shortcuts from keyboards ) , to simplify circuit analysis ( less equations ) , support for exporting or importing circuits from or to some other software .
solve elec circuit simulator