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LM12 audio amplifier circuit diagram

This LM12 audio amplifier circuit will provide a high output power on a 8 ohms or 4 ohms load impedance. The maximum output power delivered by this LM12 audio amplifier circuit is around 60 watts on a 4 ohms load and 100 watts on a 4 ohms load on each channel .
This LM12 high power audio amplifier is composed on two principals stages :
A preamplifier stage based on the LM381N dual preamplifier integrated circuit and a power amplifier stage based on the LM12 high power operational amplifier .

To obtain the full power from this audio amplifier you will need to use a dual 35 volts power supply circuit .
The input sensitivity of the audio preamplifier must be set to about 300 mv by R1, R2 variable resistors .
To obtain more audio power from this audio amplifier you can use it in the bridge mode configuration , but in that way you will obtain a mono power amplifier circuit .
If you want to use it in bridge configuration or stereo configuration just design the pcb board in the stereo mode configuration and modify the jumpers in this way :

Install jumpers JU2 and JU 4
Remove Ju3
Remove R13 with jumper
Replace R14 with a 113 k resistor ( 1 % )
Replace R15 with a 4.5 k resistor ( 1 % )
Remove r10
Cut foil between pads from R14 and ground
Connect the input signal to the left input
Connect the output between Right and Left output

LM12 audio amplifier circuit diagram

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