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Create-and-Make Design and construction of mechanical and electronic projects for the advanced do-it-yourself person

FUN WITH TUBES operated by Max Robinson and dedicated to passing on and preserving knowledge of vacuum tube circuits and techniques.

FUN WITH TRANSISTORS operated by Max Robinson,the same guy who brought you Fun With Tubes; dedicated to passing around the knowledge of transistor circuits and techniques.

Electronic schematics, simulation and design.

www.build-electronic-circuits.com Tips and books about how to simply learn and build electronic circuits (by Øyvind Nydal Dahl)

freshengineer.com/blog Electronic Engineer blog maintained by Abdullah Kahraman

British Amateur Electronics Club Archive

 AVR Microcontroller projects AVR Microcontroller projects

Almost All Digital Electronics Hobby kits, assembled units and software for electronics hobbyists

Dr.Tube. Repair and modification of tube amps.

Electricalfun.com A place for fun, learning, and exploration in the world of electricity and its technologies

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