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NiMH battery charger using LTC4060

Using the LTC4060 integrated circuit , can be designed a very simple smart NiMH battery charger electronic project . This electronic charger circuit project is a complete fast charging system for NiMH or NiCd batteries. This NiMH battery charger circuit require few external components and it has a very high efficiency .

An external PNP transistor provides charge current that is user programmable with a resistor. Maximum charge time is set by a small external capacitor .
No external current sense resistor is needed, and no blocking diode is required.
The IC automatically senses the DC input supply and battery insertion or removal.

Heavily discharged batteries are initially charged at a C/5 rate before a fast charge is applied.
Backup termination consists of a programmable timer and battery overvoltage detector. An optional external NTC thermistor can be used for temperature-based qualification of
charging. An optional programmable recharge feature automatically recharges batteries after discharge.

As you can see in the schematic circuit this fast charger electronic project will provide a maximum charge current of 2 Amperes and require an input voltage of 5 volts DC.
Using this fast charger circuit you can charge simultaneous two NiMH or NiCd batteries .
NiMH NiCd battery charger circuit diagram using LTC4060 IC

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